Student Services

Got an Excuse Note or Have a Note to Leave Early???

Please bring any attendance, doctor, dentist or appointment notes to Student Services. Notes given to the Attendance Clerk will be used to issue pass to leave campus or to excuse students from an absences. Keep in mind the following:

  • Notes written by a parent or guardian must have their phone number on it;
  • Notes from a doctor's office must be on letterhead with the appointment date and time written on it; and
  • Same day notes to leave campus earlier should be turned in to Student Services by 7:30am.

Attendance Questions / Excused Absence Notes to:
 at ( 561 ) 672 - 2042 or 672 – 2029

There are two ways to get a Permission to leave Pass.


To request a Permission to leave Pass the student must bring a note to Student Services prior to the first bell or in between classes. The note must contain the following information:

· Students full name. Student ID number

· Time of Student Release. Reason for Permission to leave Pass

· Parent signature. Parent phone number

Via Phone:

Parents/Guardians can call Student Services at 561-672-2942 or 561-672-2029. The call must meet the following criteria:

· The call must be made at least one hour prior to pick up time. (Before 1:45)

· The call CAN ONLY be made by a PARENT / GUARDIAN listed in the student’s records.

· The call must be made from a phone number on file in the student record.

Picking -up students:

Once your student has obtained permission to leave pass (P.T.L) via phone/note. The student will meet you in front of the school outside the main gate for pick-up.

Returning student back to School:

If a student returns to school after being issued a Permission to Leave Pass they must return the PTL back to Student services to receive an excused absence.

· The Permission to Leave Pass to Student Services with their student number on

the back of the Permission to Leave Pass. or

· A written note from the Parent / Guardian or

· Dr. or Dentist excuse slip / form

. The student will receive an excused pass back to class